Servers & Virtualization

Professional server support and virtualization services to maximize your resources

Keep your servers running at peak performance

Your business needs its servers to be up and running efficiently at all times. TekaByte’s expert technicians are experienced in all facets of server management and maintenance. From installing and configuring new servers to maintaining and supporting pre-installed ones, we’ve done it all and can handle all your server needs.

Server & Virtualization Solutions from TekaByte provide

Maximum Uptime

We offer highly-available solutions to keep your server infrastructure running and, more importantly, your employees productive

24/7 Coverage

Our Tekare software monitors your servers around the clock and alerts our team to any potential issues

Lower Costs

New hardware and the use of virtualization provide a number of cost-saving benefits

Virtualization is our specialty

TekaByte utilizes VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V, the industry-standard server virtualization platforms, to reduce the number of servers you use by optimizing your remaining servers so they run at their fullest extent. Our highly trained technicians can design, implement, and support your virtualized infrastructure so you can work more efficiently and focus on your business.